A step back

Only highlight yesterday was another win on the volleyball court. We played a team who is just under us on the ladder (we are currently second) and beat them 15-14, 15-13, 15-6. The top team has lost their last two games, so we could sneak to top position if we stay on track!

Today was so windy wasn’t it. I thought I was going to get blown away just walking between buildings at work.

I feel like I’ve taken a small step back with my knee. After last weeks high of a good report from Dr K. and feeling pretty good, the last couple of days I’ve had a little bit of discomfort. I did head out for a run tonight after work, despite the heat and strong winds. I really struggled though – not because of the knee so much, more just my stamina. I only managed to run the first two 5 minute intervals non-stop, which took me into a long stretch of road that was directly into a headwind. After that it was run / walk at varying interval lengths (but none of them getting near 5 minutes). Anyway, it ended up being a 6km loop @ 5:53 min/km including the walk breaks.

Headed out for a late massage tonight which again was painful, but feeling pleasantly loose now – which I might now just help along a bit more with a glass of shiraz.


3 Responses to “A step back”

  1. jojo Says:

    hey ajh- i still have backwards days-and there are times when i have to have naprosyn750(heavy duty anti inflamms) . it doesnt always mean its bad news-there are good days and bad days…

  2. Em Says:

    Don’t sweat it, take it from someone who has been there, you get excited at first but when the time starts to creep up you remember that you have lost so much fitness.

    But it will come back I prominse!

    Love yesterday’s pic, such a nice clean cut young man 😉

  3. MizFit Says:

    thats the best thing Id imagine for the knee? gentle working out and sports massage.

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