Tassie – Day 1 (Tue) & 2 (Wed)

The trip over on the Spirit was a little rougher than before, but not enough to cause either of us any sea-sickness. There was however a barking dog on the ship that kept us awake all night!

Day 1 was spent driving down to our first port-of-call, St. Helens on the south-east coast. The most interesting thing on the way down was the chainsaw carvings at Scotsdale and Legerwood. The picture below is at Scotsdale, but the largest collection is at Legerwood. Here they had a long line of beautiful trees in honour of those soldiers who did not return from the first world war. When the trees became dangerous and were going to be cut down, they engaged this artist who converted them into these lovely memorials instead


We also stopped and walked down to St. Columbas Falls, and visited the beer drinking pig nearby!


Tuesday was also a running day for me, so I went for a great run along a coastal path right near where we were staying. The plan was a 40 minute run7/walk1, and the path wasn’t long enough for that so I ran the length of the path back and forth, twice. All in all, just over 8km @ 5:20 min/km including the walk breaks. Here it is from my Garmin, a lot nicer than the suburban streets around home!


Today, we’ve driven down to Swansea for our second night, with the highlight of the day definitely being the walk up to the Wineglass Bay lookout. A challenging little 3km climb, but well worth it for such a beautiful view. The walk down played havoc with my knee though, I’m glad it wasn’t a running day today!



2 Responses to “Tassie – Day 1 (Tue) & 2 (Wed)”

  1. sassycil Says:

    I have seen the beer drinking pig in tassie. Very humourous

  2. jojo Says:

    what a great idea with the trees..very awesome

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