Tassie – Day 3 (Thu)

We drove from Swansea to Port Arthur today, taking in all the various attractions along the way including the geological (Tesselated Pavements, Blowhole, Devil’s Kitchen), natural (Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park) and historical (Eaglehawk Neck, Dog Line). I thought the most fascinating of the geological was the Tesselated Pavements, a set of rock formations that you’d swear were man-made paving stones rather than a natural phenomenon.


Watching the Tassie Devils feeding was another highlight. They fought over every piece of food, even though there was enough for all!


We are staying at Stewarts Bay Lodge, which is right on the water. Another great run tonight, along a somewhat hilly coastal track from the lodge, through the Port Arthur historical settlement and back. All up just over 6km, a Run7/Walk1 again, average pace 5:44 min/km. Here’s a part of the track and the Garmin route.




5 Responses to “Tassie – Day 3 (Thu)”

  1. Em Says:

    Just catching up, have been without a lap top for a couple of days 😦

    Can’t believe you are in Tassie again! And I can’t believe you are staying at Stewarts Bay, a friend of mine owns one of the units there, wonder if you are in it 😉

    Don’t trash the joint 😆

  2. A girl running Says:

    Gorgeous place to run

  3. sassydrcil Says:

    Why thankyou for your confidence Andrew. Though I might try and consolidate at lesser distances first. 😀

  4. JH Says:

    I know that spot well. I’d much rather be down in Tassie right now.

  5. Audrey Says:

    Sounds like the running is coming along okay, that’s a decent pace! I love Tassie Devils, they’re such cantankerous creatures!

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