Tassie – Day 5 (Sat)

Our last day in Port Arthur today. We spent the morning exploring the rest of the historic site we hadn’t seen yesterday. Very interesting, it really gets you interested in Australian history again. Shocking what treatment the convicts put up with.


After that we headed out to the Convict Coal Mine historic site at Saltwater Creek. These ruins are less “restored” than the main site, and involved quite a long walk through the bush to get around them. As we were finishing here the weather started to turn, getting dark and thundery, but the rain held off until after we were back at the car. Next stop was the Federation Chocolate Factory for tastings and purchases – who can drive past a chocolate factory – not me!

Kathryn – yes, we drove through Dootown. For those that haven’t been there, all the houses have names with Doo in them, like “Dr. Doolittle”, “Just Doo It”, “It’ll Doo Me” etc. My favourite though was “Doo F$%& All”.

Anyway, still raining heavily, so we’re holed up in our nice little accomodation unit for a while I’d say. I will postpone todays scheduled run until tomorrow. I do like running in the rain, but the hilly, earthen track that is my only real option here will be a little treacherous in the wet I think. Also, we’ve done a fair bit of walking today and the knee is a little sore, so best to rest it.

What a top effort by the Cats last night – smashing Collingwood in the NAB Cup Grand Final. Go Cats! Hopefully a sign of things to come for the premiership season!



2 Responses to “Tassie – Day 5 (Sat)”

  1. jojo Says:

    well im a collingwood supporter-and thats ALL im going to say 😦

  2. AndrewE Says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time!

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