Tassie – Day 10 (Thu)

We spent the morning just pottering around Hobart, looking around the wharf area (the Sea Shepherd – Steve Irwin was docked, with the damage from ramming the whaling boat clearly visible), and the city area – so many beautiful old buildings. In the afternoon we took a tour up to Mt Wellington. The weather was good and the views fantastic. There were clouds in the sky, but that just added to the effect because it felt like you were up at cloud level too.


Before going out for dinner (again), I managed to get out for a run, from our accomodation in Battery Point to the base of the Tasman Bridge. Overall, a Run10/Walk1 of  just under 7km @ 5:37 min/km including the walk breaks. If I can squeeze in a bit longer tomorrow, and the knee is okay, I might try and extend the distance a bit and actually run across the bridge.



One Response to “Tassie – Day 10 (Thu)”

  1. JH Says:

    You can keep going beyond the bridge. There’s a bike track that runs for quite a while. It’s pretty boring though. I’d recommend running through the botanical gardens if you feel like some hills.

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