Out …

We lost our second sandball final tonight and are now out for another season. The team lost the first final last night, which I couldn’t play as I was coming back from Burnie.

A run tonight – I’d planned a longer run but only ended up running my normal 6km loop because I could feel a couple of “hot spots” on my feet and was worried about blistering. I think I may have still had a bit of sand on my feet from sandball which caused it. I think I did the right thing cutting it short or it could have been nasty.

What did I like about my run tonight?

  • it was non-stop (no stopping the clock for breathers or stretch breaks)
  • it was a decent pace (5:02 min/km)
  • I spotted another runner about 500m ahead early in the run and caught him easily, and when I passed him he was about 30 years younger than me
  • my knee felt okay during the run and not too bad afterwards
  • I worked up a real good sweat so I know I worked hard – I love sitting on the front step for a few minutes at the end of the run and feeling and watching the sweat drip off me – weird huh?

Edit: Here’s a picture, and map (see red circle) of where some Ausrunners met before the start of last years R4TK. Posting here because I’m having a blonde moment and can’t remember how to get into my Photobucket account to post them on the forum.

It looks like this.


It is located on Linlithgow Ave which was where last years start was, but I think this years start might be just around the corner in Alexandra Avenue.



5 Responses to “Out …”

  1. Bill Wallace Says:

    Looks like a nice place to run. I’m in Melbourne for my annual ANZAC Day pilgrimage so might have to go for a run around here. Then on to the Espy for a steak sandwich! 🙂

  2. JH Says:

    It’s not quite as close to the start now. Still, I’ll see you there a bit before the start.

  3. shells Says:

    Bummer about your sandball, but there’s always next year!

    I know exactly where that Rotunda is. I will try to meet you and the other forumites there before the run!

    Wow Andrew, at 5:02 pace, you’ll fly past a penguin like me!

    I love a sweaty workout too. But can do without those darned blisters!

  4. sassycil Says:

    It’s all about the sportstape on the feet. And the bodyglide on other chafey bits.
    Thanks for the heads up about the gazebo, will try and be there in plenty of time.
    Thankyou for your very kind words of encouragement. You are right, if somebody had told me at last years sri c that I would be doing 22km, I would have laughed myself silly at them.
    Good run!!

  5. Audrey Says:

    Hehe, nothing like running past someone younger than you. I don’t get to experience that very often at all. My kids are starting to get faster than me and they’re under 10!

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