Day off …

Well, I have the day off tomorrow, so looking forward to a long weekend.

Looking forward to Sunday, I think the R4TK is probably one of my favourite events each year. Probably because the first R4TK was my first ever fun run, and it is certainly one I’d like to do every year. Running through the tunnel and over the bridge, and the huge number of runners involved make it a pretty good feeling. The only downer this year is that I won’t be able to join in the after race celebrations at the Transport as I have to leave to get home for a family birthday celebration.

After work tonight I decided that the bike needed a bit of maintenance, so gave the frame a good clean, removed and cleaned both wheels and checked both tires thoroughly. Degreased, cleaned and re-lubed the chain and deraillieur. Then I went for a short ride, only 12km before I ran out of daylight. I guess that will happen an hour earlier after this weekend 😦

The end of the exercise journal week tonight for me, and I’m happy to report that I’m ahead of my two exercise goals for the year. First goal was 5.5 hours exercise per week (currently averaging 5.9). Second goal was 3400 calories (currently averaging 4227).


2 Responses to “Day off …”

  1. b4andafter Says:

    Congrats on being ahead of your exercise goals for the year… that’s the way to do it!

  2. jojo Says:

    run 4 the kids is great.i loved running with em and you last year. was an absolute highlight for me

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