What a great looking bunch …

Here is a photo that I’ve borrowed from Jaykay, of the gathering of Ausrunners / bloggers, before the start of yesterdays Run for the Kids.


From left to right: Michelle (14146), Jaykay (15251), JH (3933), Tigerboy (Cool Running cap), Shells (14189), Sassycil (10505), me (2351), Kathryn (6774) and Mrs WombatOutOfHell (17130).

Tonight, a 6km loop @ 5:06 min/km.


6 Responses to “What a great looking bunch …”

  1. sassycil Says:

    yes, I concur andrew!!!

  2. A girl running Says:

    Great photo 🙂

  3. JH Says:

    Yes, a great looking bunch of people, with one obvious exception (3933).

  4. shells Says:

    yeah! great photo, what a good looking bunch of people 😀

  5. Jaykay Says:

    It was such a shame you couldn’t join us at Transport afterwards.

    Great to catch up with you again, it’s been ages 😀

  6. Audrey Says:

    You look really well, Andrew, and what a friendly looking group.

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