Sore …

I had an appointment with Dr. K this morning. The first comment is boy am I glad I don’t have to drive into the city every morning!

Whilst Dr. K thinks I am still making progress, she is not happy that it is fast enough. I started making “I guess I might just have to get used to this level of discomfort, live with it …” sort of noises and she quickly disagreed. She is still confident that I can be completely pain free. She wants me to start back on  the anti-inflams, double dose, for a week, then after that week take one a couple hours before a run. She’s put me back to only 30 minutes run (3 x 10 minutes), alternate days, but I can ride the bike as much as I like. She also wants me to see one of her physios (she’s not happy that mine is doing the right thing), and see her again in 3 weeks.

So, whilst that seems to have put the kybosh on my Half Marathon training for now, I guess it’s not all bad.

Tonight I also went to see Maria for a massage. God, it was the most painful one yet. Probably due the fact that I hadn’t seen her for a while and have done the big bike ride and R4TK, but I was tight everywhere, and suffered the consequences.

No exercise today.


3 Responses to “Sore …”

  1. Jaykay Says:

    This Dr K sounds like a great person to have on your side.

  2. jojo Says:

    yep-Dr K said to me she wanted me to be in way less pain than i was prepared to tolerate. I see phsio katrina at Olympic Park-shes great

  3. sassydrcil Says:

    Just mind your stomach lining with the anti-inflammatories….Take them with food or milk

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