Be strong ….

For someone who loves chocolate as much as I do, and hot cross buns for that matter, Easter is one of the toughest times of the year to not go off the wagon and eat stupidly. For me, I think it is even harder than Christmas. So just be sensible, keep up the exercise, and enjoy four days off work … that’s the plan anyway.

Tonight, as ordered by Dr K., 3 x 10 minutes with a stretch break in between each repeat, overall just under 6km @ 5:10 min/km.

Go Cats …… destroy those Maggies.

Edit: And they did, with Chappy putting in a B.O.G. performance!



2 Responses to “Be strong ….”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    I’ve had a huge chocolate bunny sitting in the fridge for two weeks…and I haven’t touched it yet. I’m hoping I can last till Sunday when I’ll give it away. 😉

  2. jojo Says:

    im a cwood supporter so i dont think im talking to

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