ATBIAD musings …

Sara and Mark both made comments telling me that I should do the Around The Bay In A Day ride.  Well, here’s my response.

After doing the 145km Great Ocean Otway ride a few weeks back, I’m really not sure if I really want to do a 210km or 250km ride. I’m not only not sure if I could make it, but also not sure if I want to.

Also, I’m thinking I might be trying to better a Half Marathon PB at Melbourne Marathon the week before, so I’m also a little concerned about being able to maintain the training the previous month or so for a long run and long ride event so close together.

After checking the website today I also notice that the real “Around The Bay” ride where you get to cross on the ferry is already sold out, so that option is out. Not really sure I want to ride Beach Rd and back again, can do that any time really.

Maybe the 50km ride might be a nice diversion, getting to cross the Westgate Bridge twice might be an experience!

Anyway, Mark (and Michelle) and Sara, my questions to you are as follows. Have you registered for an ATBIAD ride option already? Which ride option are you doing (or considering)? And, are you considering the Supersprint Degani Kinglake ride in September as well?

What about the weather this morning? It was quite wild there for about half an hour wasn’t it. Then it cleared to a reasonable day – typical Melbourne.

Alyssa and I went for a run tonight. Just as Dr K. ordered it was 3 x 10 minutes, with a stretch break in between. We started off a bit more slowly than Monday, running quite even splits for the whole 6km. Alyssa managed well tonight, with both of us running strongly for an average pace of 5:23 min/km.


2 Responses to “ATBIAD musings …”

  1. Eat Em Says:

    Hi John,

    I believe Sara is going anti clockwise, while Michele is going to Sorrento first then across….

    I am heading to Geelong first with a few work mates and then the rest of our team will meet us as we get off the ferry at Sorrento after riding down from Melb – then we all return to Melb together.

    We are going to try to get Michelle (or Sara ?) to change direction so maybe they can ridetogether but who knows.

    You are right – it is difficult to train for both.
    The marathon is always my main goal and I just try to do enough riding to get thru ATB …

    I didn’t do the Supersprint Degani Kinglake ride in September last year as I think it clashed with something else. I did do the Whittlesea SRAM ride in late August and then did the Fruit Loop 200km ride in Sheppartin in Sept (they have a 50 & 100 km option … so they were my main ‘long’ training rides ….

    Take care

  2. jojo Says:

    i did ATBIAD twice-the first time was horrible-the second time, powered through it after doing a mammoth amount of training.
    Would i do it again-hmmmmmm probably not-but thats because of the time required, but you already do close to enough training, except you would need to be building up to 120+ km rides….
    if you have a running goal for oct, i wouldnt do the ride.if you give evyrthing to your run the weeek before, you should be a little bit drained,
    just my two cents worth(i know how i feel after a HARD half mara)

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