Training Journal

Since June 2005 I have kept a very detailed training journal. Why mention it now? Because today I have completed my 200th week since starting the journal. I started the journal because I’d read that it can help to motivate you, and because I had just purchased my first Polar heart rate monitor (an F11), which provided me the means to record accurate data.

This was at a time during my weight loss journey when I was at about 87kg, down from 110kg, but had hit a plateau and was struggling to shift any more weight, and had a goal weight of 75kg. I am convinced that keeping the journal was a significant factor in breaking through that plateau, as it has been in maintaining my 75kg goal weight for the last 3+ years.

Some fast facts from the 200 weeks of my training journal;

  • 1,635 activities or 8.2 activities per week
  • 1,280 hours of exercise or 6.4 hours per week
  • 723,945 calories or 3,620 calories per week
  • 444 bike rides, total of 10,375 kilometres or 52 kilometers per week
  • 648 runs, total of 5,062 kilometres or 25 kilometres per week

It’s also interesting to look back and see how much improvement there is over time;

  • for the first three months of the journal I averaged 7:59 min/km for my “runs”, now my average training pace is about 5:20 min/km
  • for the first three months of the journal I averaged just over 20 km/hour on the bike, now my average training pace is about 26 km/hour

My training journal is an Excel spreadsheet, so of course there is lots of summary pivot tables and graphs!

The main journal page records each exercise activity including start date/time, duration, calories burnt, max heart rate, average heart rate, type of activity,  distance covered and any comments. In addition for my runs I record the shoes I used so I can track how many kilometres each pair has run.

I have a page where I record my weekly weigh-in (weight, body fat %, water %, muscle%), another page with all my race results and another page with lots of data on my bike (services, when I have fitted new tyres, had punctures etc.).

If you are on a weight loss or fitness journey, and don’t have a training journal, I can highly recommend doing it – it has helped me enormously.

If you have any other ideas, or do anything differently in your journal, or even if you think it is all a crock … let me know in the comments.

Todays journal entry was a 19km bike ride – again running out of light before I really wanted to stop.


One Response to “Training Journal”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    I think keeping records is vital and I know that whenever I stop I start losing track.

    Impressive that you’ve kept your for so long!

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