New cleats and a new treadmill …

Today was a day off work, so a beautiful little three-day work week this week. The day started early though, as we had organised for one of our local council hard rubbish collections and had been told we had to have the stuff out on the front lawn before 6am. So, we were up at 5:30am to move the rubbish we’d sorted out the last couple of weeks from the garage to the front lawn. As it was, they still hadn’t been to collect it when we went out at 10am, so we could of slept in!

Anyway, as I was awake, as soon as it got light I went out for a nice 26km bike ride. Just around the local streets, but rather than sticking to my normal routes, I took in a few different streets I don’t normally ride. Here’s the route, as you can see a little more complex than my normal laps.


After breakfast we headed out to do a bit of shopping, with the major objective being to look at treadmills. This is at the request of the other family members more than me, but I’m all for it if it will encourage them towards some more exercise. We ended up buying an Avanti treadmill, but won’t take delivery of it for at least another week. Whilst I will always prefer to run outside, it will be another option as the wintery weather and darker evenings approach. Also, I guess subtituting a few outside runs for the extra cushioning provided by the tready, compared to concrete, may be kinder on my knees!

Another purchase today was a new pair of cleats for my cycling shoes. I’ve got 15 months out of the last pair so that’s not too bad, but they were very worn and my feet have “slipped out” a couple of times recently. I’ve fitted the new ones today and they are much firmer.

Before going out for tea with the family, I headed out for a run, just the normal 6km loop @ 5:17 min/km.


2 Responses to “New cleats and a new treadmill …”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    Having the treadmill encourages you to run outside more I’ve found!

  2. Audrey Says:

    Yeah, I’m even more motivated to go out for a run when the alternative is the tready.

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