Lymphatic drainage

I had a massage tonight and rather than the one hours worth of pure pain, Maria tried some lymphatic drainage as I had a bit of swelling in the knee, and then she spent a fair bit of time with gentle massage and manipulation around both knees. This was really pleasant and seems to have relieved the knee a fair bit. She did finish off with about 10 minutes of proper soft tissue massage on the hammies and calves so it wasn’t a completely pain free evening.

I had a bit of achey pain in my “good” knee last night – this is the one that the x-rays showed up the arthritis in, so it will be interesting to see if Maria’s work relieves this tonight.

No exercise today due to the massage after work – I need a rest day though I think.


2 Responses to “Lymphatic drainage”

  1. jojo Says:

    aaah a rest day with a painless massage-my that does sound good

  2. 1bizzybee Says:

    I’m a massage therapist that also practices lymphatic draining and my clients are always impressed with the results. Have you tried a full body treatment? If not, I recommend it. It’s good to do it before and after cold season to avoid getting sick. Also, people regain energy because now that your body got help for cleaning itself you waste less energy doing this and have more for yourself.

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