Inspirational Bob …

I am an unashamed The Biggest Loser fan – it is probably the only “reality TV” that I do enjoy watching. I was very happy to see Bob win last night. As a 57 year old fellow, his determination and effort throughout the show has been amazing. To win, he lost over half his body weight, going from 167kg down to 80kg. Given that we are now apparently the most obese nation in the world, hopefully Bob will inspire many!

I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5am to get to the pool this morning when it opened. This was my first swim since November last year, and whilst I remembered how to do it, my arms and shoulders are feeling it. I managed 80 laps of the 25m pool, so 2km all up, in about 55 minutes. It wasn’t too crowded, I had the lane to myself for about half the time, and only one other swimmer in the lane for the remainder.

The knee felt great this morning! That cortisone (thanks for the correct spelling Canute) is good stuff. It felt good after the swim, but after a full day of sitting down at the desk it is a little sore again.


3 Responses to “Inspirational Bob …”

  1. jojo Says:

    oooh 5am-that is super unpleasant

  2. sassy Says:

    Aha! Nice to know I have been mentioned in runners world and good to see that Bob won. I love Bob, he was very gracious and humble.

  3. AndrewE Says:

    Now I really want to see this series!

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