Emotional overload

Quite an emotional day at work again as another one of my long term work friends left today through redundancy. They are tough times we are in aren’t they …. I think many of us will look back on 2009 as the toughest times in our careers.

I made it into the pool again this morning for another 80 laps, and I was right, the windscreen did need the wash down to remove the ice at 5:30am! I have a bit of a chafe rash from the pull buoy – I never thought I’d need the BodyGlide for swimming!

Monthly Summary

Running: 84 kms at 5:28 min/km (YTD 219 kms at 5:44 min/km)
Cycling: 346 kms at 24.9 kms/hr (YTD 1776 kms at 25.4 kms/hr)
Other: 3 swims the last three days 

I was really hoping to crack three figures running this month, but Dr K’s order put a stop to that. On the positive side I have been enjoying my swims!

7 Responses to “Emotional overload”

  1. MizFit Says:

    Not much to say but AMEN.
    I do think that (hope that? as really could it grow more challenging than this? I HOPE NOT) we will look back and think “man, those were hard hard times.”

  2. AndrewE Says:

    We went through forced redundancies a few years back and it is truly terrible.

  3. morseyruns Says:

    Nice work in the pool- I get bored before I chafe! I am starting drills- it is so boring just plodding up and down that black line. Am looking forward to getting back on the bike in 6 days!

  4. Bob Allen Says:

    I’m sorry for your friend. I know that’s tough on many levels. Just got introduced to your blog by Andrew at “Andrew is Getting Fit” (http://www.andrewisgettingfit.com/2009/05/01/inspirational-bloggers-andrews-blog/)

  5. Aaron Hochwimmer Says:

    Good work in the pool. I haven’t been swimming for ages but after reading about your effort…

  6. Jaykay Says:

    I’m hoping that when I seriously start looking for another job it’s not going to be too difficult.

    I’m actually enjoying my redundancy and if I could, I’d become a lady of leisure 😳

  7. Stu Mac Says:

    80 laps, OMG…..no other words could describe!

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