Inspirational? Moi?

In his latest post on his Andrew Is Getting Fit blog, my New Zealand friend AndrewE has featured my blog, under the heading “Inspirational Bloggers”. Wow! I am very honoured, quite touched and even more surprised! As I said in my response comment on his post, if my blog can be an inspiration to anyone that is a real bonus for me because it holds enough value for me just keeping me honest and motivated. Thanks, Andrew – you made my day!

Today was my 9-day fortnight day off – I’m starting to enjoy these long weekends every second week! We are having some decking / pergola work done at the moment. Essentially we are replacing some horrible old wonky paving with decking, renovating the pergola (some of the posts are rotten), and adding a laserlite roof (currently just has shadecloth). We are “employing” a family friend who recently took a package from his work, to do this for us. So, the morning was spent helping him in these endeavours – when I say “helping”, a more accurate description might be “standing around watching”! No, seriously, a bit of hole digging, cement mixing, painting – I actually did feel useful and didn’t screw too much up!

Adrienne and I then headed out to have some lunch and do a bit of shopping. I bought the latest “The Office” DVD (Season 3 Part 2 of the US version) to complete Kate’s collection. The original British version of this show is one of my favourite comedies, and when I first saw the US version I hated it. However it has really grown on me, and now I love it, maybe even more than the original. I think because there are a lot more episodes of the US version, the characters are more developed. I think Pam is so gorgeous!

I also paid a visit to the local discount liquor store today to top up the red in the wine rack as I’m sort of down to my more expensive bottles. I prefer to have some more “reasonably priced” bottles there for everyday drinking. I bought six bottles; two Wolf Blass Eaglehawk Cab Sav, two cleanskin South East Australian Shiraz Cab and two Shiraz Cab from a winery called St. Andrews (thought that had to be an omen). Total cost $27.50, so about $4.60 a bottle – not bad. I just tried the St. Andrews and it is very drinkable – a good buy.

Home made pizzas for tea – for me, toppings will be salmon, peppers, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, heaps of anchovies and cheese – yum.

So, a quiet night in with the crew from The Office and a bottle of red – perfect!


6 Responses to “Inspirational? Moi?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Definitely inspirational! Why do you think we all come along and read your blog?
    Homemade pizza here too … a Friday night tradition.

  2. jojo Says:

    mmm wolf blass-i do like that 🙂 i bought 6 REDS the other day…my stupormarket (yes deliberately spelt that way!)had 30% off if you bought 6!!!!!!!!! how could i possibly resist

  3. Jaykay Says:

    So are you going to add a bottle of Grange to your collection? 😯

  4. Steve Says:

    I’m an Office fan as well, though do prefer the English version, probably because it was first. What about the series Life on Mars, it was a great concept why on earth it had to be copied.

  5. sassycil Says:

    EVERYday drinking…..hmmmm……:)
    Am home.
    Well done with the swimming.

  6. Audrey Says:

    I think you’re inspirational, Andrew.

    Bargain price on the wine, some of the cleanskins are excellent. And home made pizza, can’t go past that either. Maybe I should just move in to your place. Oh, hang on, the “scrape the ice of the windscreen” bit has put me off.

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