A free lunch …

Into the pool again this morning for the standard 2km swim – quite proud of myself really, that’s four mornings this week I’ve got up early to exercise – so unlike me!

A great break to the workday today, attending a seminar put on by IBM. It was held at the Jacques Reymond restaurant in Prahran and the food was beautiful. I had an oyster entree and a John Dory main. Classic “classy” restaurant small serves, which was just right for lunch time. Accompanied by a couple of nice glasses of red, and an interesting presentation – it beats working, that’s for sure!

This evening I did my same 4.7km run, but this time with Chris – the first time I’ve run with him for ages – I really enjoyed it. Then after that I again did a bit of a home weights/core workout incorporating my VMO exercises – again proud of myself again because that’s three times this week, and I’ve been really slack in this area recently.

Did anyone else hear the new TAC (sorry, that’s Transport Accident Commission for you non-Aussies out there, or road safety) advertisement on the radio today? I heard it driving into the city today and it nearly made me cry – it is very powerful stuff. Premise is it is a young boy talking to his mother for Mother’s Day, from beyond the grave after killing himself in a car accident. I hope it works with the target audience and slows them down on the road a bit!

Edit: Just noticed, that was my 800th post to this blog!

5 Responses to “A free lunch …”

  1. Jaykay Says:

    Yes I heard the ad on the radio today. As you say, very powerful stuff!!

  2. Em Says:

    Aha, so that’s why it has taken IBM almost 2 months to fix my faulty port at work, they are spending all their money on fancy client lunches 😉

  3. Stu Mac Says:

    yes it was a touching ad!
    wow-you are a machine getting up early so many times..go YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jojo Says:

    oops that was me.sorry

  5. Audrey Says:

    800 posts, well done!! I used to love lunches like that, I always used to find I worked better afterwards – in a much better mood.

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