Two fairly nondescript days …

Two fairly non-descript days, so just a short post.

Yesterday was a normal workday, with the morning spent on the Service Desk phones (which were pretty quiet). Exercise wise, I couldn’t get to the pool due to the need to start work early, and the drizzle in the evening kept me off the bike. As I’d run Thursday and am under doctor’s orders not to run two days in a row, I just did a weights/core workout at home, mixed in with my VMO exercises and some walking on the treadmill.

Today was a trip to the Victoria Market as usual, only slight difference was Chris came with us too. A little bit of Mother’s Day shopping after that, then lots of cleaning and cooking (I made some Cookies and Cream ice cream) in preparation for having the family up here tomorrow for Mother’s Day. Just before tea I went for a 6km run @ 5:24 min/km.

Knee still feeling pretty good.


2 Responses to “Two fairly nondescript days …”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    Cookies and cream!

  2. jojo Says:

    you made cookies and cream icecream? did you just put cookies in icecream-thats what i would do 😉 LOL

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