Start and finish …

Exercise at both ends of the day today, with that “work” stuff in between.

This morning I hit the pool again for the usual 2km (80 laps). Not as enjoyable as usual. I think that pool swimming is the one exercise activity that can be most easily wrecked by others who are participating. Today I had a lane to myself for the first 10 or so laps, then this other guy got in the lane. First off I thought he was just an ignorant dickhead, but after a couple of laps I decided he was just a shit swimmer. Arms flailing all over the place, not able to swim straight, and unable to recognise the black line dividing the lane. Fortunately, not only was he a shit swimmer, but also had very little stamina, so he was out of there after about 15 laps. Then bozo number two joined me in my lane. As i approached the end where he was getting in I noticed him putting on his flippers, so I thought it was probable he was going to be too fast for me (and probably shouldn’t be in this lane, but that’s a whole other issue). As he started swimming though, it quickly became apparent that he was determined to keep me guessing as with what appeared to be random decision making he was moving from fast laps to abominably slow breast stroke. Very hard to keep out of each others way when you can’t guess the others pace. I started to get a little bit crampy in the calves in the last ten laps, not sure why as I was pretty much dragging the legs (swimming with the pull buoy), possibly from pushing off the end wall each lap.

After work I went for a short ride, only about 12kms. Two reasons. Firstly got dark quickly, secondly it was so cold my ears were in pain.

Medical appointments at both ends of the day tomorrow. Dr K in the morning, then a massage with Maria after work.


4 Responses to “Start and finish …”

  1. Jaykay Says:

    I must get back into swimming. It’s been so long since I hopped into a pool. Just don’t know if I’ve got the patience to not say anything if I get one of those dickheads in the same lane 😳

  2. jen boda Says:

    I have the same experiences with so many different sports. People will forever play the role of trickster. We just have to shrug it off and keep going as best we can. I think of t his whenever I sit next to a baby on a plane or have to dodge walkers in the bike lane!


  3. kathryn Says:

    That’s the most annoying thing about swimming isn’t it. It’d be good if you could just hire your own lane 😀

  4. MizFit Says:

    3 cheers for the maria massage today.

    Thats what I want for my birthday I think (uh, a massage 🙂 maria is too far for me)

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