Feeling a bit blah :-(

I’ve been feeling a bit blah the last couple of days, and worse the last couple of nights. I think I just have a cold or something, pretty sure it’s not the swine flu. Not too bad during the day, a few aches and pains and feeling a bit tired, but at night so stuffed up and phlegmy and feeling a bit feverish. So, not much sleep the last couple of nights.

Consequently, no exercise yesterday or today either.

Weigh-in on Saturday was 73.8kg, the first time in the 73’s since February.

Yesterdays trip to the Vic Market was good fun as our friends, Kerry and Herb, came with us too. A late lunch and a trip to Bunnings to buy some paint, and the day was almost done.

Today I spent the morning putting the first coat of paint on the new balustrade on our decking. It was pretty fiddly, but got it done without getting any paint on the decking and that was the main thing.

Do Dogs LaughAfter lunch we went over to Highpoint to look at outdoor furniture (yes, that’s right new deck – new furniture seems like a good idea, but might have to wait a while, but doesn’t hurt to look, does it). Popped into Borders (as one does) and we bought this book – “Do Dogs Laugh?: Where Dogs Come From, What We Know About Them, and What They Think About Us”. We’d seen it advertised in the newspaper a while back and thought it might be good. Isn’t the doggy on the cover a little darling! 


5 Responses to “Feeling a bit blah :-(”

  1. sassycil Says:

    awww. love the doggy on the cover. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. AndrewE Says:

    Those paint fumes will help to clear the lungs!

  3. Audrey Says:

    They couldn’t have picked a better breed as a cover model, eh? You’ll have to let me know what the book is like, I love reading doggie books.

  4. Kathy Says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Stu Mac Says:

    I hope Jo doesn’t see this cover, if she does, then its all your fault AJH, I’ll have to listen to her go on & on & on…. LOL

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