More painting …

Weigh-in this morning saw me at 75.0 kg, phew, just on goal weight. 1.2 kg heavier than last week, but I guess that’s what comes of being sick and not exercising as much. I still have this damned night cough. I’m feeling fine during the day (well, not 100%, but not too bad), but at night I can’t stop coughing. So, not much sleep is being had.

Our trip to the Victoria Market was a bit earlier than usual as we knew the painting was going to take quite a few hours. A trip to Bunnings after the market to buy another tin of paint, and then it was into the painting. Six hours later, I’m feeling a bit tired. The injuries from the bike ride yesterday made the painting a bit tougher, especially the hip (couldn’t rest on the ladder on my right side) and the elbow (stiff and sore, and I kept bashing the graze on the roof beams). It was also a lot windier than yesterday, and being up on the top couple of rungs of a ladder in a high wind makes for a lot of stress for me. Still, nearly finished, just got a second coat of a few boards along the side of the deck to do tomorrow. Oh, except that now the pergola is so well painted, the rest of the house is looking a bit shabby!

A lazy night in front of the TV beckons – New Tricks, The Bill and taping the Rockwiz repeat (because it is one of my favourite episodes with Chris Ballew (Presidents of the United States of America and Chelsea Wheatley from The Gingers). Well, now inspired by Jo’s comment on her blog that wine is a pain killer, I’m going to go open a bottle of red, and I think might lash out on a decent one too, rather than a cheapy!


4 Responses to “More painting …”

  1. sassycil Says:

    Try some ventolin (you can get it over the counter) and that should improve your night cough.
    Can I ask, did you drink alcohol while you were on your weight loss journey or did you teetotal?

  2. Kathy Says:

    You’re going to have to post a photo of this pergola when you’re finished Andrew!

    I’m sure decent wine is a better pain killer than the cheaper varieties.

  3. jojo Says:

    it all works…lol

  4. JH Says:

    It’s also a pain causer, depending how much you drink. Jojo would know about that too….

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