Flemington market

We went to the Flemington craft market this morning with our friends Kerry & Herb. A very nice morning out, wandering around the market, lots of nice things to taste and buy. We bought a few goodies including some beer from an Otways brewery called Prickly Moses, some licorice, some gorgeous muesli which is going to be excellent on top of my greek yoghurt, some Ned Kelly Red (a red wine based spritzer drink with orange and lemon juice) and some raspberry drops (lollies). We also got a nice recycled timber frame for a picture we bought on our last trip to Tassie.

This afternoon I finished off the painting, and then did a bit of a fixup job on Jackies kennel including reshaping the top, filling some holes and started a re-painting job.

I was going to go for a run, but opted for a home workout instead which included a lot of core stuff, some weights and a few little intervals on the treadmill.

In a comment on yesterdays post, Sassycil asked me “Did you drink alcohol while you were on your weight loss journey or did you teetotal?”. Well Sassycil, I certainly didn’t teetotal, but I did reduce my alcohol intake a fair bit, and changed my drinking preferences too. Before my weight loss I drank a lot more beer than I do now, usually coming home most nights to one or two stubbies. I cut that out, not so much to remove alcohol, but more just because of the “calories in, calories burnt” calculation. The alcohol just didn’t seem an important part of the food choices when I was limited to the amount of calories I wanted to consume. That said, I was never a real calorie counter.

I have to admit that there was a period (probably of up to a year) where I didn’t drink much alcohol at all, limiting myself to purely social occassions, and even then going easy. This was probably due to a lot of the reading I did which seemed to indicate that as soon as your body has alcohol in it, it stops burning fat until it has rid itself of the alcohol.

I find now that I haven’t really returned to being a big beer drinker, but will still have the occasional brew. I find now I really prefer my red wine.

I think that one of the most important things with a weight loss journey is to consider it a lifestyle change, rather than a diet or somesuch. Therefore, if you like a drink, then I think it would be hard to go teetotal because your new “lifestyle” has to be something you can enjoy, if it is to be sustainable.


4 Responses to “Flemington market”

  1. Eat Em Says:

    Re the bike accident …. the bike is scratched so it is time for a new one …. 🙂

  2. AndrewE Says:

    You’ve got one of those too I see. “she who controls the purse-strings” that is. 🙂

  3. MizFit Says:

    I dont drink really—-no reason except I eat pretty healthy otherwise and LOVE me some dessert.

    I choose that over the wine 🙂

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