Can’t fault the maths …

I had a breakfast seminar in the city this morning so I headed in early for a swim. I swam 60 laps instead of my normal 80 to allow myself 15 minutes in the steam room, figuring it might help clear the head-cold. Felt good.

So then I headed up to the Grand Hyatt for the breakfast seminar. Seminar content was only average, and I was boringly good with the breakfast limiting myself to copious amounts of coffee and the fruit platter.

Before dinner I went for a 5km run with Chris. Unfortunately it was cut short when Chris stepped on a rock in the dark and sprained his ankle. We walked (he hobbled) home and we are RICEing it. After dinner a short workout including my VMO/Glute and a few core exercises.

A work colleague sent me this today. I can’t fault the mathematics 🙂

Mathematical proof


2 Responses to “Can’t fault the maths …”

  1. JH Says:

    Looks pretty logical to me.

  2. jojo Says:

    lol- yes its quite clever

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