A good run …

Today was a good day.

It started as most Saturdays do with a trip into the Victoria Market. Then a trip to Highpoint with Chris, with a stop off at Dan Murphy on the way home.

Then I did some adjustments on my gears on my bike. I think I made it better, I can actually change into them all now, and the derailleur doesn’t seem to be too close to the wheel when on the largest sprocket, but I think I might still get them serviced.

A trip to Bunnings to buy some white paint to repaint under the eaves – I told you that the new pergola would lead to a desire to repaint everywhere!

A great run tonight, only 6km again, but went out (in the almost dark) with the goal of running sub-5 minute pace, and I managed this, coming home with an average pace of 4:58. This is my first sub-5 run since the Burnie 10 in October last year, since I’ve been trying to rehab this knee (which feels good by the way).


3 Responses to “A good run …”

  1. Em Says:

    Those sub 5s feel great don’t they 🙂

  2. Aaron Hochwimmer Says:

    sub 5 pace on a good knee – live is good!

    hope the running weather is good in Melbourne? Over in Auckland its a bit wet and cold although this morning we were lucky – sunny and cold.

  3. jojo Says:


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