Finally …

Finally got out for a run tonight, and finally broke through the 6km rut I’ve been in for many, many months – managing just over 8km at an average pace of 5:29 min/km. The last couple of kilometres were a bit of a slog, I guess the little old body was used to finishing after 6km. It was pretty dark as I was finishing, and I was running up the same street where Chris sprained his ankle last week, so I took a few walk breaks through the darkest stretches (this was my excuse anyway, I really needed a breather). The first 6km averaged 5:12, the last 2km were at about 6:18 – talk about fading away. Lots of improvement to come hopefully.

A short home workout after tea incorporating the mandatory VMO/glute exercises and some core stuff.

It’s my birthday soon, a milestone one, and everyone is asking me what I want. My mum even said “it should be something special”. Only problem is I have no idea what I want. Any ideas?


12 Responses to “Finally …”

  1. jojo Says:

    yay 8kms..a time you increase the distance, decrease the pace right from the outset and it will be a much much more pleasant run(however, having said that, my run was almost a CRAWL yesterday and it was NOT pleasant at all!!!!)

  2. Kathryn Says:

    It’s hard when there’s nothing you particularly want.

    Maybe think about doing a run in some fantastic location then get everyone to chip in?

  3. AndrewE Says:

    I have the same problem – birthday wise.

    Aah to be so young and to have everything you want…life is tough.

  4. JH Says:


  5. Aaron Says:

    Getting a negative split, i.e. the second half faster than the first, is tough to do.

    Amazing how the body gets conditioned to a certain distance. Sounds like it was getting used to doing 6km at a certain pace. Think thats why intervals, mixing up runs types works as it keeps the body guessing

  6. Em Says:

    Well done, just keep plugging away at, doing the same thing myself 🙂

  7. sassydrcil Says:

    A holiday. Hot air ballooning. An experience. We have enough stuff, experience lasts forever.

  8. sassydrcil Says:

    Go to India or see the pyramids. Push your boundaries. Live.

  9. Jaykay Says:

    I was the same as you. 8km was a nice comfy run for me and I was struggling to do anything over that. I’ve now done a couple of 10km runs, and although very slow, they have been enjoyable 😀

    How about a cruise? It seems to be something that alot of people just never get to do in their lifetime (me included!).

  10. Stu Mac Says:

    Let it happen and enjoy easy running, DON’T worry about the pace just let it be!

    Present…..nup I can’t help, I can’t think of presents for myself, how could I help anyone…

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