A busy day …

My trip to the Victoria Market this morning was solo, leaving Adrienne to try and sleep off her cold she has. Consequently it was in, get what we needed, and out again, no coffee stop, so home earlier than usual.

Then I headed out to the library. We have a mobile library. It stopped calling at our local shopping centre a couple of years ago, but has just started back again on Saturday morning. So, I popped over there and picked up a Jeffrey Deaver and a Kathy Reichs novel to read, and did a bit more supermarket shopping.

The next job of the day was the one I been putting off for weeks. Cleaning the barbeque (so that it could be moved back onto the new deck). This is a horrible job I reckon, but when you are doing a “bigger than normal” clean, it is even worse. It took me a good couple of hours, is still not what you’d call spotless, but good enough! Then a bit more work in the garden, stopping only because my hands were refusing to work due to the cold.

Around 5pm I headed out for a consistent, if slow 6km run with Alyssa. Whilst not a fast run (5:41min/km), it felt very consistent. In fact I thought we’d run a negative split, but examining the data now, the first half was 5:39 min/km and the second half 5:42 min/km. Thinking about it though, it is as good as a negative split because the first half was largely with the wind and downhill, the home stretch against the wind and uphill.

Knee is on ice as I type, VMO/glute/core exercises will follow this post!


6 Responses to “A busy day …”

  1. sassycil Says:

    don’t know any NZ ones in particular – try one from Marlborough.
    Should be finished in around 2:30, we will prolly cross the line at about 7:30, which has us crossing the line at 10ish, thereabouts.
    Will the Ausrunners be meeting up for coffees and hot toddies after???

  2. JH Says:

    Can you come over and do my barbie? I’ll pay you. I’ll pay whatever you want, it’s filthy.

  3. Aaron Hochwimmer Says:

    The secret with barbies is to coat the hotplate with a light covering of oil after its clean. Makes all the difference.

    Good work on the consistent run.

  4. jojo Says:

    sounds like a nice consistent run

  5. Stu Mac Says:

    I’ll wait for a bit more warmth before the barbie gets a good clean, I’m sure it will survive winter!

  6. Jaykay Says:

    I’ve got non stick plates on my bbq, so a spray of oven cleaner, a dip in some hot soapy water and it’s all done 😀

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