A good cross-training day …

Started today off with a swim, completing the normal 2km (80 laps) in around 50 minutes. Then had a stretch in the spa, followed by a steam and a sauna.

Upon returning home I headed out to clean up the garden. The first job was to get rid of a pile of rubbish from our recent construction job. The pile consisted of sand, soil, quartz pebbles and other rubbish. Not wishing to waste the good soil, and the pebbles I decided to use a garden sieve and separate it all. Well, if you’re looking for a good core exercise, standing up and shaking loads of dirt through a garden sieve is it! After that, I cleared up a few other things, then mowed and edged the lawns.

This afternoon I headed out for a spin on the bike, planning an hour ride. IT ended up being just over that, a nice 27km loop down to Strathmore and back. It was quite mild when I left, but I decided to wear my cycle jacket in case it rained. It didn’t rain, but I’m glad I wore the jacket, because by the time I hit the halfway turnaround the sun had gone down and it got very cold, very quickly.

After tea my usual VMO/glute/core workout whilst watching those great old rockers, Status Quo belt out a few hits.

Feeling good!


5 Responses to “A good cross-training day …”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    If you’re ever in NZ I could use you in my yard…

  2. JH Says:

    You could probably swim there, by the sounds of it.

  3. jojo Says:

    youre very motivated 🙂

  4. sassy Says:

    Didn’t they say something about cancelling mass gatherings such as the footy?
    It will probably go ahead, don’t worry about it 🙂

  5. amir Says:

    pak kurus gmna kabarnya??? email saya sudah di baca apa belum????

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