Foggy run …

A great run first thing this morning with work colleague Deb. We left from work and ran an 8km (just over) loop that takes in some of the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail and some of the Western Ring Road bike path. It was cold, but not as cold as some recent mornings, dark and very foggy when we headed out at 6:45am. As Deb had not worn her contact lenses, and my glasses kept fogging up, it was the blind leading the blind. When we headed through Boeing Reserve in Strathmore, the conversation went;

Deb: “Which way do we go?”
Me: “We head over that bridge and turn left.”
Deb: “Which bridge?”

It was only 10 metres away!

Anyway, we survived in the dark, on the unlit path. A great run, much better than running alone! As you can see from the below elevation profile, not exactly flat either. A nasty little windy hill between km markers 5 & 6.

Work run 8km loop route

Work run 8km loop elevationShowering at work is an ordeal as the new showers are so low-flow that you practically have to run around in the shower to get wet. I’m all for saving water, but when the flow is so bad you have to stay in the shower for three times as long just to get clean and wash off the soap and shampoo it is a bit ridiculous.

A successful day at work with a few meetings that actually went well and came to a decision! After work a few beers down the pub rounded the day off nicely.


6 Responses to “Foggy run …”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    They had showers like that at my old gym… plus it took about 3 mins for the hot water to heat up. Not very water saving.

  2. tokaiangel Says:

    I can sympathise with the blindness, I can’t do a thing without my contact lenses! One of the main reasons I gave up wearing specs was that pesky fogging up business… opening the oven, coming inside after a rainy day…. the list of foggurtunities is endless….

    TA x

  3. Aaron Says:

    Good run! The showers at my work are pretty good but are well frequented in the mornings. You have to get in early otherwise the hot water runs out.

  4. Sharon Says:

    I had a bit of a giggle at the blind leading the blind 🙂 My glasses are always fogging up so I can relate to that. If you find a solution.. please let me know

  5. Jaykay Says:

    Can you not use anti-fog stuff on your glasses? I’m sure you can get it for car windscreens. Just rub a tiny bit on your glasses 😀

  6. jojo Says:

    just picturing the two of you is making me laugh

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