Physio number 3 …

I took all the team out for lunch today, and Adrienne and the kids joined us too, so that was nice. Beer and pizza for me I’m afraid, but the pizza was small and the beer was light, so does that make it alright?

Late this afternoon I had my first appointment with Katrina, the third physio I’ve seen since starting with Dr K. Katrina was lovely, and did a much better job of explaining to me why my glutes need loosening and strengthening, and what effect it has on my running, and why it is contributing to my knee pain. I have a few new self-massage & stretching exercises to do daily, and a new glute strengthening exercise as well. See her again in two weeks. Katrina also showed me what she thinks I’m doing when I’m running, so I can consciously try and stop doing it. She even suggested if I’m out running with someone, that they run behind me and observe my rear end – any volunteers? – I doubt it 🙂


6 Responses to “Physio number 3 …”

  1. Jaykay Says:

    Can I ask what the new glute strengthening exercise is? Need something new for my glute. Nothing seems to work at the moment.

  2. Jaykay Says:

    Thanks for the info Andrew.

    I understand totally about tilting the hips. It’s really hard isn’t it!! I find the single leg squats quite challenging so I tend not to do them in any of my bodyweight routines.

    Might incorporate them again if they help the glutes 😀

  3. JH Says:

    I’ve seen worse bums….

  4. A Girl Running Says:

    LOL! I always check out the rear ends of people who run in front of me….after checking out their calf muscles first

  5. jojo Says:

    katrina is my phsio too 🙂 she is very good

    oh and FYI pizza is allllllllllllllllwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyssss ok…lol..i love pizza!

  6. Audrey Says:

    LOL!! I don’t mind checking out your rear end, I’ve been known to subtly glance at the male rear ends around me when I’m running.

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