New kit

Victoria Market as normal to start the day off, then after lunch I went back into the city on my own to spend some birthday money. I managed to deplete my Rebel Sport gift cards to almost a zero balance with a new pair of Skins long tights and a new pair of Thorlo running socks. I tried on some 2XU compression tights, and deliberated for a while over them vs Skins, but in the end decided to stick to what I know seems to work for me and bought the Skins. So, it’ll be nice to have some new kit for tomorrows race, but pity Rebel Sport don’t sell new knees, because I think mine are going to make tomorrows 5km just a bit of a jaunt, rather than a PB assault, but I’ll see how they feel in the morning. I’m running it with Voj (workmate) who has stepped in for Chris whose ankle is still not recovered enough to run unfortunately.

An easy 18km on the bike this afternoon just to keep the legs moving. It seems to help my knees a bit, more so than sitting around anyway.

74.7kg this morning, so weight is pretty steady.

Good luck to everyone else running tomorrow, especially those running their first half marathon – the feeling as you cross that finish line will be wonderful – enjoy it!


2 Responses to “New kit”

  1. Jaykay Says:

    Good luck in the race today Andrew.

  2. discount lipo yet Says:

    running on a treadmill

    New kit | Andrew

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