A lazy Sunday …

I enjoyed the Storm game last night, them winning with a last minute try and conversion helped of course. It was very much like I remember the NBL games I used to go to, with the announcer getting the crowds going, the team mascots, cheerleaders, half time competitions etc. Certainly lots to keep you interested. Seeing those guys in real life, you realise even more how tough they are, it really is bone-crunching.

I didn’t get up until about 10:30am this morning, enjoyed a sleep-in, haven’t had one for a while.

Haven’t done much else either, a bit of reading, watched a bit of the footy, futzed on the computer, and got out for a 28km ride on the bike.

In yesterdays post I mentioned I’d bought a book, I thought I’d just mention it because I think it looks really good and might interest some of the other runners out there. It is “Born to Run – The hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the greatest race the world has never seen” by Christopher McDougall. The sell-quote on the back says “Quite simply the best book you’ll ever read about running … brilliant, and brilliantly life-affirming”. It is the story of the authors adventures with the Tarahumara Indians of North America, who for centuries have practised techniques that allow them to run hundreds of miles without rest. I checked out Amazon and of the 86 customer reviews, 77 are 5-star, so I’m hoping it will be a good read. When read, I’ll post a review, but I have a few other books queued up on the nightstand at the moment, so it might be a while.

A good start to the tour last night for the teams I’m following, with Astana starting strongly with four riders finishing in the top ten, and leading the team classification. Cadel is fifth, and Saxobank have the yellow jersey with a strong ride from Fabian Cancellara. Stuart O’Grady and the boys will now have to control the peleton if they want to keep him in yellow.


2 Responses to “A lazy Sunday …”

  1. jojo Says:

    i stayed up and watched for a bit. i do like the Tour-i cant believe how fast they can ride and for so long! they are quite amazing

  2. A Girl Running Says:

    Oh that sounds like a really interesting read, looking forward to hearing what you think of it.

    Mat recently bought me “More fire – How to run the Kenyan way”. I doubt I will ever run like a Kenyan but I can’t wait to reading it 🙂

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