10.21km @ 5:39 min/km

The first day in the Pyrenees saw another breakaway group “stay away”, and another French winner, Brice Feillu of the Agritubel team. Yellow jersey holder Fabian Cancellara lost over 9 minutes to drop from first to 39th place. Another member of the breakaway group, Italian rider Rinaldo Nocentini, of the AG2R-La Mondiale team, took the yellow jersey.

Alberto Contador showed us maybe a sign of things to come, with a fast breakaway from the group of GC leaders to take second position overall from Lance Armstrong. Cadel Evans finished strongly to finish in front of the main group, and moved up to 18th place, still over 3 minutes behind the leader.

Now the run I did today may not seem worthy enough of being the title of todays post, in fact for many of you it would be a very short, and very slow run. However for me it was a bit of a landmark run. Firstly because it is the first time I’ve broken into double figures (distance wise), in a training run, since last September. Secondly, because the wind was so strong today, and so cold, that I was proud of myself for getting out there, let alone staying out for that long. Honestly there was one “into the wind and uphill” stretch of my 2 lap course I ran today where it felt like I was running hard but going nowhere.

My knee felt okay this morning, I’ve worked out now that it takes about a day and a half of taking the anti-inflams (twice a day) to settle it down. It also feels okay now after the run. It is bugging me that the last two times my knee has started to hurt it hasn’t been after a run, it’s been when I haven’t done much running. I’ve started a more detailed “knee journal” page in my training journal spreadsheet to document how it feels, when I take the anti-inflams etc to try and work out what is going on.

At my weekly weigh-in this morning, I was dead-on target weight (75.0kg), a whopping 1.2kg heavier than last week.

The latest cost cutting measure at my workplace is the removal of company provided mobile phones, so today I ventured into the local telecommunication supplier store, armed with properly signed approval forms, to move my mobile number over to a personal plan. I was told that I couldn’t do it however because my personal account is on their new system, and my companys account is on their old system. Apparently, the only solution to this is to “de-migrate” my personal account to the old system to make the transfer of ownership. This would take 5 business days, and would also result in loss of service to my home phone for at least 24 hours during that period. I also fear for what sort of billing and accounting issues it would likely cause.  I also had to ask the little man who was trying to explain this to me to write it all down because I could hardly understand what he was saying. I suggested they set me up another account on their old system and transfer the phone to that, I said I didn’t mind a seperate bill. Oh no, we can’t do that, we can’t have more than one account for one person. So, then I suggested that maybe I should transfer all my other services to another supplier, then I wouldn’t have an account. That I was told would be an “over-reaction”. Needless to say, I opted to do nothing and will take it up with my corporate representative of this wonderful national telecommunications supplier of ours (think the “T” word). I left the shop telling them in no uncertain terms that they needed to get their act together.

I have also decided to try and have an alcohol free week, starting today. Shouldn’t be too hard – should it ?


6 Responses to “10.21km @ 5:39 min/km”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Phone companies are so annoying!

    Nice work running today. I didn’t even like leaving the house.

  2. jojo Says:

    its sad but i would find an AFW quite difficult-
    and ps- DO NOT put yourself down and say this is not worthy-its not fast enough- training and your blog is all about you.its about getting the best out of YOU.
    How about- yay, i did double figures for the first time in AGES. woohoo. and 5.39 pace-thats not bad(i run my hour runs only marginally faster(if) than that)
    So there mister. Be nicer to mister AJH please! LOL-and yes i CAN (and will) be a bossy britches when necessary

  3. Em Says:

    Pffft, good luck with your rep, we have outstanding issues over a year old with same telco

    Aghhhh, and I have to go back to work tomorrow 😦

    And yeah, what Jo said, a run is a run, think about all the people who would kill just to race at that pace, let alone just knock out a casual run, good to see you back into it.

  4. Stu Mac Says:

    That particular company must have forgotten that there are MANY others these days who do a very good job. Bye bye T, I would say.

  5. A Girl Running Says:

    Oh that terrible T word, I was with them for years before getting fed up with problems and moving elsewhere.

    I am doing the whole alcohol free week with you – not expecting it to be easy at all

  6. JH Says:

    Simply solution: move to another company.

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