A wet and windy ride …

Had planned to get up and go for a swim this morning, but again I woosed out and stayed in bed instead. I didn’t stay up until the end of the Tour stage last night, but was still later to bed than usual. I don’t think staying up and watching the tour, and early morning exercise mix for someone my age.

Anyway, most of the day was fairly lazy again, didn’t do much.

Decided I needed to do some exercise so got the cycling gear on at about 3pm. As I walked out the door it started to rain. Now, normally I wouldn’t ride in the rain, but perservered today as I felt I really needed to do something. It rained for about the first 20km of the 30km I rode, and was a little slippery (really have to watch the white lines on the road in the wet), but managed to survive unscathed. Ended up averaging just under 25km/hr which wasn’t too bad considering the wet and windy conditions.

Another wonderful experience with our national telecommunications provider this afternoon when I went round to one of Kate’s friends to try and help get their ADSL internet working. After spending about 20 minutes on the phone (to someone in India I’m guessing), we got precisely nowhere because they won’t replace the obviously faulty ADSL modem because Kate’s friends parent’s (who are the account holders) are away on holiday and they apparently need their authority. Sounds like an excuse to me – after all, they’re not changing anything on the account, just changing some faulty equipment.


3 Responses to “A wet and windy ride …”

  1. sassycil Says:

    Yes, I think I am getting a bit clucky. Comes in waves now. Am thinking, end of next year when my training is complete.
    See you on the 26th?

  2. AndrewE Says:

    A draw in the test!

  3. A Girl Running Says:

    That does sound lame about the faulty modem

    Regarding your Chi Running question. I found it really helpful but I don’t follow it religiously….mainly because I forget but when I switch from my normal running to Chi I really can feel the difference, it feels like much less effort.

    I have the DVD that explains it a lot better than the book.

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