More phone business

Another TdF stage last night where the breakaway was successful, even with some very serious climbs. I only watched last night until the peleton reached the Tourmalet summit. The most interesting aspect for me was the amazing crowds. Amazing from the point of view of the huge numbers and how crazy it is with them so close to the riders – I can’t believe there are not more collisions between spectators and riders.

Of interest too, are some of the comments coming from Armstrong. He admitted on French TV that there were some tensions in the Astana team, and whilst admitting he would follow team rules and support Contador, also said “We’ll have more moments, we’ll see who’s truly the strongest”. He also hinted that this may not be his last Tour – asked on French television whether this would be his last participation at the Tour, he answered “Probably not”. Methinks Lance might be enjoying himself too much.

God, I hope Lance wins – talk about fairytale of all fairytales.

I got up and went in for a swim this morning. Up at 5am to get there at 6am when doors open. I was in the locker room, half undressed, when I realised I’d left my swimming bag (containing hand paddles, pull buoy, swim cap, earplugs and goggles) in the car (which is parked about a city block away). Knowing that I’m on a tight time schedule to have a decent swim, get back to the car before the parking meters kick in, and get back to work, I took the easy way out and just bought the neccessities at the gym. For me, I can’t swim in chlorine without goggles, and hate getting water in my ears. So $25 later, I got a new pair of goggles and earplugs, and hit the pool – so a much more expensive 80 laps than usual.

An update on the phone situation. I visited a different “T” shop today and got what I wanted done (transfer my work number to personal ownership) in a few minutes. So what one “T” shop told me wasn’t possible, is now done. So, now that it is in my ownership, I need to decide what I want to do. I think that I will end up at “3” as their plans seem the best value, and both the kids are with “3” too so I will get much better value with the free calls. The only selling point “T” have is their coverage, but I am usually within metropolitan boundaries, so I don’t think it should be an issue. As far as phones go, I have always had a Nokia and found them good. I would like to have a better camera than is in mine, and would like some better music/radio playing capability. I’m not going to use the internet on the phone much, I will pretty much just be making voice calls and sending text messages I think. I’m leaning towards the Nokia 5800 at the moment I think.

Anyone have any thoughts either on “3” or phones in general?

A rest day in France today, so a few more hours sleep for me tonight.


5 Responses to “More phone business”

  1. JH Says:

    My wife is with 3, and they seem pretty good. She has an LG something or other. Touch screen, 5mp camera and mp3, the whole deal. It’s on the $29 plan.

  2. jojo Says:

    i use 3 and if im in a remote are it kicks over to ‘T’ anyway! i have now been with them for over 3 years and am happy to remain. Caps are grat value.

  3. Stu Mac Says:

    I’m with Optus and I have a LG phone so I’m no help! 🙂

  4. kathryn Says:

    I’m with 3 and never had a problem with them. I’m prepaid though – I seem to get a zillion free texts with them (more than I’ll ever use in a month).

  5. Louise Says:

    make sure you know when your (old work phone) contract ends. I did the same thing, but with “V”. And then switched to “T” for the coverage.

    then V stung me with a $198 bill for breaking my contract, because my EX company had renewed everyone’s contract without telling us and locked us into a 2-year term. Nothing I could do – because it was a company number, I didn’t know the secret access codes, and the person who handles these things at the company had also left, and no one else gave a shit.

    I finally paid up when they transferred the bill to a collection agency. Not nice.

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