Reasons ..

Not much blogging recently, there are a few reasons for that,

  • we are a bit pre-occupied around here because my mother-in-law is in hospital after a heart attack a couple of days ago. We went down to Geelong to see her today
  • we’ve exceeded our internet allowance again, so are back to dial-up speed for the rest of the month – god, it’s painful
  • still feeling sick, not sure if I’m going to feel like running Princes Park on Sunday morning, but will probably still do it, even if I’m not feeling up to PB shape
  • Bejeweled Blitz is so bloody addictive

Just a short bike ride last night and a short home workout tonight.


4 Responses to “Reasons ..”

  1. Em Says:

    I dread to think how many hours, even days of my life have been lost to bloody Tetris!

  2. morseyruns Says:

    I have been otherwise occupied with WORK for the past month- how rude! Cant believe how that pesky little thing dominates my days now and wont even let me google away to my hearts desire.

  3. Chris Says:

    Hope your mother-in-law is on the road to recovery.

  4. Lee Says:

    Really sorry to hear about your M-I-L Andrew, hope all goes well with her recovery.

    I outed myself today down at PP for a training run and had my eye open for you. You were probably back home by the time I finished :LOL:

    Hope you are feeling well 🙂

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