Bike finally serviced …

I finally got around to having my bike serviced today. The gears haven’t been quite right since I had a fall off the bike a couple of months ago, and during the service they confirmed that was an issue as they had to re-straighten the rear derailleur hanger. It was again a good service experience at Rapido Cycles in Niddrie. I had booked the bike in for their “deluxe service” which costs $99. My mobile phone rang at about 1pm and I thought “Oh no, they’re ringing to tell me it’s going to be expensive or something”, but they were just ringing to say that it was ready to pick up, and that they had completed all of the deluxe service items, and fixed the gears, but that they were only going to charge me $65 because they didn’t have to do much cleaning of the bike (normally part of the deluxe service) because it was so well looked after.

Obviously the rain, and the fact I’m resting my knee, means I haven’t tried it out yet, but looking forward to a nice smooth ride next time.

Just a home workout tonight, incorporating my physio directed strengthening exercises.

I’m really watching my food intake this week as I’m not doing any cardio exercise, the weigh-in this weekend is going to be a close call.


5 Responses to “Bike finally serviced …”

  1. JH Says:

    $99!!!!! Bloody hell.

  2. Eat Em Says:

    $99 is well worth it JH …

    I clean my bike after every ride … ad if it has been a wet ride then clean time can be 60 mins or so ….

  3. morseyruns Says:

    I am so slack about cleaning my bike! but it is obviously worth it. I think I spend far more money on my bike than my car! (even when it comes to tyres!)

  4. Em Says:

    Gawd, I hate having to watch what I eat when I am injured, it just makes a miserable time more miserable doesn’t it!

    I bought Born to Run a few weeks ago but haven’t got around to it yet, so I didn’t read your review 😆

  5. jojo Says:

    how on earth did you get charged LESS than the quote. there mustve been BATTING of eyelids…lol

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