Another month gone …

Very glad that it is the weekend, and very glad that Adrienne is coming home tonight after a few days down in Geelong looking after her mum!

Just a normal day at work today, followed by a short bike ride (more just a quick dash around the block to check the gears etc.). Happy to report everything seems smooth as silk again. Then another home workout.

Chinese take-away tonight I think, no-one can be bothered cooking.

Monthly Summary

Running: 86 kms at 5:34 min/km (YTD 430 kms at 5:40 min/km)
Cycling: 251 kms at 23.7 kms/hr (YTD 2381 kms at 24.9 kms/hr)
Other: 4 swims and 10 home workouts

A disappointing end to the month with 5 days of no running or riding as ordered by Dr K. I was looking forward to my first 100+ km month for over a year – oh well, maybe next month. I managed to continue a reasonable number of home workouts for the month.


2 Responses to “Another month gone …”

  1. morseyruns Says:

    You know things are bad when DrK says no cycling 😦 If she tells me to stop swimming I may just give up completely.

  2. A Girl Running Says:

    Thats an impressive month to me but I hope you reach your goals in August

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