Sunday started off with an intense little ride along Beach Rd with Deb, Steve, Glen and Voj (work colleagues). We only rode about 36km, from Port Melbourne to Black Rock and back. I say intense, because the pace was a lot more than I’m used to on my weekend rides! A constant effort the whole way to keep up with the gang, especially on the return trip into the wind, but very enjoyable.

Sunday afternoon I spent looking after my mum-in-law, mostly watching Andre Rieue DVDs. The really strange thing (and I’m wondering if I should admit this) is that I actually found myself enjoying it. He certainly is quite a show-man!

This morning started with an 8km run with Deb before work. Again with the knee taped, and I’m happy to say it held up well. Tonight a short home workout, incorporating my leg strenthening exercises.

Adrienne is heading back down to Geelong tomorrow for a few more days looking after her mum, and I’ve decided to take a couple of days off too.


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