A night at the footy

Firstly, a rebuttal of Em’s comment that the photos on Thursday’s post were photo-shopped. After some internet research I am convinced they are real. Go take a look at the website of the photographer, Victor Lucas, and you’ll see he is a photographer that specialises in bike photography. Then go have a look at the website of the rider, Hans “No Way” Rey, and you’ll see that he is (according to his website) the world leader in extreme mountain biking. The story of the ride is there, and it is the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. There is certainly lots more crazy fun shown here. If this doesn’t convince you, there are snatches of them riding the cliff ridge just past the 1 minute mark of this video.

John, your comment was spot on, yesterdays run got cancelled due to the bucketing rain.

Last night we had the pleasure of a night at the footy with Chris, his friend Sam and his parents, who are all Carlton supporters. So, Chris had a much more pleasurable night than Adrienne, Kate and I, as Carlton smashed a very flat Geelong team. The Cats certainly didn’t look like premiership contenders, that is for sure.

Back into the 73’s this morning at weekly weigh-in, with 73.4 kg.

The highlights of today were the usual trip to the Victoria Market, and a good 27km ride from Greenvale to Strathmore and back with my friend Herb.


3 Responses to “A night at the footy”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Pretty crazy cycling all right!

    I’m guessing being 73-74kg is your goal weight?

    I see you aren’t posting the cricket score bit of a drubbing going on.

  2. JH Says:

    I was going to say, Geelong were a bit flat, but what does that make England?

  3. Stu Mac Says:

    I see a lot of crazy guys on the MTB courses around the You Yangs, I have no doubt that the photo’s are real. A lot of these riders have no fear and do not care!

    I loved the video! Beer and crazy riding, not surprised!

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