A foggy run …

Up early again for a pre-work run with Deb, and it was a cold, foggy run this morning. The track we run on is a bit hilly, and in some spots the fog seems to sit on the ground, then you sort of run up out of it, it is really quite eerie, but nice too. It was another negative split run, and strong finish, and 5 secs/km faster than Monday. I said to Deb as we finished, how great it is when you finish a run really strong, and you feel quite spent. I’m touching wood as I say this, but over the last two runs, the knee has felt ok.

A home workout tonight, including the two new exercises Katrina gave me yesterday. One I am absolutely crap at, because it requires some balance and coordination!


3 Responses to “A foggy run …”

  1. Aaron Says:

    You are right about running in fog being pretty eerie.

    When I was in Hong Kong earlier this year the loop track around the peak was covered in fog. Was very thick and quite a strange knowing that there was a big drop-off on one side…

  2. Chris Says:

    Despite the eeriness, sounds like a pretty cool run.

  3. Jaykay Says:

    Michelle and I ran in the fog last week with our headlights…..very spooky!

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