Two things today made me think about my own mortality, and other equally sobering thoughts.

Firstly, whilst out on our usual 8km run before work this morning, my running partner Deb, had a little heart related episode. She has them occasionally, and has been checked out properly, but had never had one whilst we’ve been running together. She had to lie down on the track for a few minutes, then we walked a bit, before slowly jogging the last kilometre or so. So, whilst she wasn’t too concerned, it made me feel pretty helpless, and made me think how easy it would be to expire when out exercising. We were on a fairly deserted stretch of our running track, and help would have been a good 10 minute or so run away, and there was certainly no access for an ambulance to get to where we were. Neither of us had our phones with us.

Secondly, I along with a few colleagues went to the funeral of the father of another workmate. It was a beautiful funeral, of a man who was obviously much loved by his wife, children and grandchildren, a man who had obviously had a very full life. Funerals always make me question my own life. Have I done enough? Have I had an impact? Am I taking my family / colleagues / friends for granted? What should I be concentrating on? Tough questions.

The day finished on a better note, with a few beers down the pub after work!


4 Responses to “Mortality”

  1. jojo Says:

    things like that always do make one itrospective doesnt it?

  2. jojo Says:

    oops introspective

  3. AndrewE Says:

    That sounds a trifle scary to me. Glad she’s ok.

  4. Eat Em Says:

    As a race, we humans place far to much importance on trival matters …. these recent events may help you to focus on what matters in your life ..

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