Delayed by the dog, so a ride becomes a run

Not much to report today, just a pretty normal day at work. I arrived home to an empty house, except for my beautiful little dog, who had been at home in the house all day on her own. I had planned to head out for a ride on the bike, but decided to take Jackie for a walk instead. We got in the car and headed down to some nice parkland nearby, and rather than making her walk I just let her roam around the park, smelling everything in sight. Not much exercise for anyone, but I think it is what she enjoys.

My Little Friend

Anyway, when we got home I headed out for a short run. Just my usual 6km loop, average pace of 5:28 min/km. I forgot to tape my knee, hope that doesn’t come back to bite me. I iced afterwards and it doesn’t feel too bad.


4 Responses to “Delayed by the dog, so a ride becomes a run”

  1. jojo Says:

    aww i want one of them doggy things 🙂 so cute

  2. Em Says:

    I go Awwwww every time you post a pic of the beautiful Jackie, those eyes!!

  3. AndrewE Says:

    Sometimes you need to just smell the flowers as it were.

  4. Kathy Says:

    She’s so gorgeous. How can you resist those eyes?

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