The little urn is home …

Missed a blog post yesterday, basically because I fell asleep on the couch pretty early in the evening – is that a sign of old age or what!

Yesterday started off the day with a pretty tough little ride down Beach Rd, from Port Melbourne to Mordialloc and back with a crew from work and a couple of workmate Voj’s friends. Voj’s friends, Danny and Ossie, and one of our workmates, Steve are pretty strong cyclists so they pushed us a bit, but credit to Steve and Ossie, they also were at the front of the bunch, copping the wind, most of the way back. I was just happy to stay in touch all the way and not get dropped like a couple did. All up about 53km, average speed just under 28km/hr.

Then a little bit of work in the garden before lunch, and later we drove Chris and his friend into Olympic Park for a Melbourne Storm game, and Adrienne and I spent a couple of hours in the city looking around the shops before going and picking them up. I bought a new pair of shoes for work. I’m not sure if you’ve seen them advertised, the brand is Ascent and they are exclusive from Athlete’s Foot. The “sell” is that they are normal shoes that have the same support as a running shoe. I’m hoping that added support will help with my knee. After wearing them today I’m pretty happy with them so far. The big miscalculation we made yesterday was forgetting that there was a big football game on at the MCG, so the traffic was hellish on the way home.

Ashes Victory 1

Ashes Victory 2

Ok, you new this was coming. Go England!! The Ashes are back where they belong! Obviously I’m very happy with last night’s cricket result, but surprisingly couldn’t find too many people in the office who really want to talk about it much.

I ran this morning with Deb. I must admit, when the alarm went off just before 6am, and I could hear the wind outside I was sort of hoping I’d get a text message from Deb cancelling, staying in bed looked an attractive option. Actually, once we got out there it was a reasonable morning. I think it was the first morning run we’ve had where I can remember it being light as we started, so the mornings are definitely getting lighter. The wind was tough when running into it, but not too bad, and the sun was actually quite warm. We did our normal 8km route, not quickly, about 5:45 min/km. Very glad that we perservered, a nice run, and a nice way to start the day.

A home workout tonight, all the time salivating over the beautiful smell pervading our house at the moment (lamb shanks cooking in red wine, to be served with mashed potatoes).


5 Responses to “The little urn is home …”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Congrats Andrew. Better pencil in 20/12/10 as the date when we get them back in Perth…

  2. jojo Says:

    mmm lamb and mashed tateys…yumbellina

  3. Em Says:

    Home?! but I thought the Poms won šŸ˜‰

  4. AndrewE Says:

    When do you actually stop cheering for the home country?

    I’ve cut pretty much all ties with South Africa, even renounced my citizenship etc. and yet I still love it when the Springboks thrash the All Blacks.

  5. Bill Wallace Says:

    Speaking of Inglourious Basterds!!!!! šŸ™‚ I felt sick and couldn’t listen to the last day … seriously!

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