What is your favourite Pink Floyd album?

As an avid Pink Floyd fan I was amused to find the photo below. So what is your favourite?


What is your favourite Pink Floyd album?

30km on the bike again today – not much else to report though.


6 Responses to “What is your favourite Pink Floyd album?”

  1. Bill Wallace Says:

    Ahem! I think that pic is my favourite album!!! 🙂
    Oh, sorry, did that come out? For me, DSOTM, how are the votes going? 🙂

  2. JH Says:

    Unless there’s a little known album that Pink Floyd don’t actually play on, DSOTM is it for me too, if only because it’s the only one I’ve ever listened to in full (and that only under the influence)

  3. A Pregnant Girl Running Says:

    That is a clever photo 🙂 I don’t know anything at all about pink floyd. I had a friend as a teenager who had that black album with the triangle and rainbow painted over a whole side of his bedroom wall! I didn’t know who the band was though.

    I remember some song when I was young about school and teachers and people being mashed up in a mince grinder… I liked that song…its the only one I knew

  4. SethComa Says:

    dont really have a favorite album. 68-75 has their greatest work especially the live and BBC versions.

  5. Lino Rosalba Accogli Says:


  6. Anna Liedtke Says:

    The Final Cut..all songs deeply touching my soul. One of the best albums I have ever heard, a friend sended me this one and since this day I cant stop listening to it..

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