Studio vs Compilation

My normal Wednesday morning running partner Deb is sick at the moment so no run together today. Last night I got the running gear out planning an early morning run from home. However, as so often happens with me, I stayed in bed instead! I did get out tonight after work though, managing just under 10km (9.77km to be exact) at an average pace of 5:12 min/km.

As I said the other night, I really enjoyed the new Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds the other night, and loved the David Bowie track “Putting Out Fire” as part of the soundtrack. It has rekindled my long time love of Bowie’s music. Unfortunately, most of my Bowie albums are vinyl, which I don’t have the equipment to play any more. So, as I’m being asked what I want for Father’s Day, I thought it might be nice to get a couple of my favourite Bowie albums on CD. Googling “Bowie Discography” took me to Wikipedia which told me that Bowie has produced 25 studio albums and, wait for it, 46 compilations! Nearly twice as many compilations as studio albums. I wonder how many other artists have similar recording patterns.


One Response to “Studio vs Compilation”

  1. Liz T Says:

    Hi Andrew – whenever I think of David Bowie I always think of that movie he was in ‘Labyrinth’ ( It was a fave of mine growing up. He’s a classic. I can’t wait to see that movie… it’s on our list, we just need to schedule a sitter for Pano!

    What you need is one of those USB Turntables to convert your vinyls to digital! George has one you can borrow or at least he can tell you if its a good one to get.

    😉 Liz

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