Blood and bikes …

I had some blood taken first thing this morning. The main reason for this was to test for a genetic condition my father has, called haemochromatosis. It is the abnormal and excessive absorption of iron, where excess iron is retained and deposited in various joints and organs throughout the body, in particular, the liver. Whilst I am not exhibiting any symptoms, it is a good idea for direct descendants of those with the disorder to be tested. Then, if I am affected I can closely monitor things to avoid any problems. Also, if I am affected then my kids need to be tested too. Whilst I was at it, I had the doctor order the whole range of tests; blood sugar/diabetes, cholesterol, kidney and liver function, prostate etc. I ended up giving five vials of blood! And because of the blood sugar had to fast overnight too.

Even though I had raved about the last service on my bike due to the fact they reduced the price, I have been having problems with the gears, not being able to change onto the largest rear sprocket since then. I tried to fiddle with it myself last weekend and screwed it up completely. I ummed and aahed about whether I would take it back to the same place and complain, but today decided to take it somewhere else (I just had this uneasy feeling about the actual quality of the last service). Good decision. The new LBS today have pointed out a few things I need to do (and actually shown me the issues – wear and tear on the rear sprockets and chain, corrosion of a couple of the cables), basically said the last service was very poor. Anyway, today they have replaced the gear cable and retuned the deraillieur and have ordered a new chain and cassette and are going to replace them and the brake cables next week.

My question to the other bike riders out there is how often should you have to replace the chain due to wear and tear. Some quick research on the net tonight seems to point at anywhere between 2000-4000km. I have had my bike for 2.5 years now and have done just over 9,000km, so I guess that is not too bad. What about you – how long do you get out of a chain and cassette?


4 Responses to “Blood and bikes …”

  1. Eat Em Says:

    As you know Andrew, chain wear will depend on several factors : condition of rear cassette, weather conditions, regular cleaning and oiling, quality of chain.

    Because I got the new bike prior to winter I have not had to replace it yet … but have ridden probably 3000km on it … so I will replace it soon.
    I have always tended to change chains twice a year – after the wet winter riding (when you get so much crap in the chain) and then after summer – when you tend to get a lot of dust and fine grit on the chain ….

    Hope the bike is as good as new soon …

  2. JH Says:

    This is one of the reasons I switched from cycling to running. Endless worrying about gear.

  3. dietdietdiet Says:

    That really sucks about the bike, especially when the service you think is good. I’m glad you got it sorted out, and got tested too. Takes a lot of guts to get tested for things like that, I know.

  4. Em Says:

    Greg Welch, champion Aussie Triathlete who retired just before the Sydney olympics had that heamato whatsit thingy

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