Go Cats!

At weekly weigh-in this morning I was 74.4kg, so nice to see there is a little bit of daylight between my weight and the goal, not like last week where it was dead-on. I’m trying this weekend to be good and stop the usual 2kg gain I have most weekends. My weight is a constant roller coaster with  a bump on the weekend, then an effort to get back down under 75kg by the following Saturday, so trying to avoid the bump this weekend. Father’s Day lunch at my brothers tomorrow might make this hard though!

The usual trip into the market, some supermarket shopping, and a trip to JB Hifi, followed by some ironing filled up most of the day. Exciting life huh!

Late afternoon I got out for a 6km run with Alyssa. It was the first time we’d run together for a while, and the first time for a while for a run for Alyssa. We had to walk a bit, sort of nice feeling when the 14 year-old needs the 50 year-old to slow down isn’t it! With the walk break included, we just snuck in under six minute pace at 5:54 min/km. Then a short home workout that was really just the necessary VMO stuff and some core work.

Really happy to see Geelong put away the Bulldogs this afternoon and earn the week’s rest. That will give some injured players time to heal hopefully, and give everyone a well-deserved rest. I think Geelong are a big chance again this year.

Carla left a comment on my blog last night that said “Came here to simply say you make me smile.” Needless to say that made me smile too. Warm fuzzies is one of Carla’s many strong points.

Hoping the Blues can knock off the Lions tonight, but it’ll be a big ask I fear.


4 Responses to “Go Cats!”

  1. blues buffett Says:

    Well they didn’t and you can imagine how unhappy I am…

    What a pathetic last quarter. I’d rather they went back to winning only four games a year and getting top two draft picks than disgracing their formerly-loyal supporters.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I think the blogosphere is populated by some pretty swell folks.

  3. jojo Says:

    i pop on a kg or so on the wekends(and thats even with a 1hr run..lol.. lucky for that paying attention to food takes iff off straight away by about tuesday 🙂

  4. Bill Wallace Says:

    C’mon blues buffett! Have some heart, I was gutted when I heard we lost like that but, wow, what a great season and we will only get better next year.
    Oh yeah sorry Andrew, great win by the Cats! 😉 (wish I’d known you were a cat supporter about 3 – 4 weeks ago! 🙂

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