A clean bill of health – almost …

I started writing this post at about 7pm last night (Thursday) and am only now finishing it (7pm Friday). I spent over 4 hours in the emergency department last night with Kate who hurt her knee playing netball. She’s very sore, cannot walk on it, but x-rays show no damage, knee exam showed everything was in the right place, so she’s just been given some strong pain killers, anti-inflams and a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. I think we might get an opinion from Dr K before going to a surgeon.

Even before she hurt her knee, her day hadn’t gone well as her little car broke down in the afternoon – that’s been another job for today, getting it’s fuel pump replaced.

Yesterdays good news was that I returned to the doctors to get all the results of the blood tests that were taken last week. The only bad news was that she’d forgotten to order one of the tests I’d asked for (PSA – prostate), so I had to have some more blood taken yesterday with that result to come next week. I guess the main result I was after was the haemochromatosis result, and it shows that I am heterozygous, meaning I only have one of the genes, not two like my dad (who is homozygous). This means that I am a carrier, but am very unlikely to develop the iron overload symptoms my dad has. It also means the kids are less likely to have it too. All of my other results were good too, “good enough to frame” the doc said! White/red blood cell counts, blood sugars, cholesterol, kidney function, liver function and thyroid function were all well into the healthy range.

Of most significance to me was the fact that all of the liver related measurements were normal. It was weird liver results that caused my “wake-up call” all those years ago (well 7 years anyway) with the “fatty liver” diagnosis and the instruction from the specialist to “lose 20 kilos”. Well as we all know, I did that, and then another 20 kilos too. Whilst the liver results have been ok the last couple of times I’ve had them done, this is the first time they’ve all been in the normal range, and well in too, not borderline – but as the doc said “good enough to frame”.

Today was a day off, and I’d planned an early bike ride, but with not getting to bed until after 2am, and hearing the howling gale outside when I woke up, that idea got canned in favour of a bit of a sleep-in. I had the bike booked in today to get the chain and rear cassette replaced, so dropped it in first thing, then Adrienne and I went into Lygon St to do a bit of shopping.

Picked up the bike late this afternoon and made a rather silly decision to go for a bit of a spin when I got home. It was stupid windy, you know “blow you off your bike” or “blow you into the stream of traffic” windy, so it turned out to only be a short 10km ride.

Will someone please turn off this wind. I’m getting very sick of it!

3 Responses to “A clean bill of health – almost …”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Congrats on the great results. I think they are a testament to all your hard work.

  2. jojo Says:

    it was stupid windy today-even in hte morning and it just got worse from then, well done on the results.id be scared to have a liver function test with all the crap i eat and drink-maybe i should have it done

  3. Em Says:

    Ouch, poor Kate, I think a visit to the good doc is definitely in order.

    Congrats on the results, must feel good to be in better shape than some guys 20 years younger than you and living a good active life where you are not really depriving yourself of anything, when is everyone else going to wake up to this?!

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