Two rides and a 21st

Yesterday started with the weekly weigh-in, just scraping in under the goal weight by 100g (74.9kg). The usual trip to the Victoria Market followed, with another couple of shopping stops on the way home. The afternoon was mainly doing jobs, then a solo ride from my place down to Essendon and back. A good 43km hit-out, very hard into the headwind on the way home. The trip home also included a magpie-swooping, which quite frankly scared the crap out of me – I just didn’t seem him coming this time. He swooped me four or five times and with the adrenaline pumping I sprinted as fast as I could for a few hundred metres to try and outrun him. This was just before a nasty little hill. When I got to the hill (fortunately the magpie had given up by this time), I nearly didn’t make it all the way up, my legs nearly gave out. I don’t know how those real sprinters do it.

Last night was Chris’ girlfriend Carly’s 21st party which was good. Nice to meet more of her family we hadn’t seen before. I have to admit though, I think my lack of tolerance to loud house music is a pointer to my old age!

This morning I met Herb at his place in Essendon and we went for another ride, down the Merri Creek Trail, Capital City Trail, along the Yarra and back to Essendon. I rode alongside all the runners doing the Sri Chinmoy on Yarra Boulevard, and then we took a little detour to go round all the Spring Into Shape runners. I had planned to do the Spring Into Shape, but knowing that Saturday night was going to be a late night, and also knowing that my 4km & 8km PB are more than safe at the moment, a leisurely bike ride seemed a better, and cheaper, choice. Anyway, coincidentally the distance was the same as yesterday (43km).

Other than taking the dog for a little walk, not much else on this afternoon. The smell of the chook cooking in the barbeque is very good though!


4 Responses to “Two rides and a 21st”

  1. jojo Says:

    good choice not doing hte race today-then you wouldnt have enjoyed last night as much cos you woulda been worried about being tired and wanting to go home!

  2. Eat Em Says:

    Magpies were out in numbers at the Fruit Loop ride around Shepparton / Voilet Town / Euroa yesterday too … badly hard to ‘sprint away’ when you are tired … lol

  3. Andrew Says:

    Aah…I haven’t had my first bbq of the season yet. Better get on to it!

  4. morseyruns Says:

    Congratulations on the great bill of health! The wind has definitely made it hard to train at the moment- and hard for me to ride to the train as well!
    I might have to start planning my first bbq of the season as well!

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